welcome to moveit
Good move!
Welcome to the Move It Challenge, the fun way for us all to feel healthier, happier and more energetic. Made by the folks at MEND, it all starts with a Move It pack at school, but it’s designed to get the whole family up and active. So whether you're a teacher, parent or child – let’s get moving.

Move what?
Our bodies! The Move It Challenge encourages all kinds of physical activity – from walking regularly to playground games. It’s also a good chance to learn that being active is not only great for our body, but it can improve our self-esteem and general wellbeing too.

Get moving
This site has everything you need to organise or take the Move It Challenge. It’s packed with downloads, games and healthy living information. So take a few minutes to explore. (Don't spend too long though – turn off the computer and get moving.)